Candle N.09 - Smultronställe
Candle N.09 - Smultronställe
Candle N.09 - Smultronställe
Candle N.09 - Smultronställe

Candle N.09 - Smultronställe

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Pyramide olfactive

Few words from the parfumer: "This fruity fragrance begins with notes of berry foliage combined with forest fruits. Its heart is softer with the presence of a bouquet of roses and a hint of caramel. Finally, the base is enhanced with the tenacity of gaiac wood and pine needles."

  • Top notes: bucchu, blackcurrant
  • Heart notes: bouquet of roses
  • Base notes: gaiac wood, pine

Literally, Smultronställe refers to “the place where wild strawberries are found”. Metaphorically, it means much more: it is a precious place, a refuge of one's own, jealously guarded lest it become too common.

With this fruity scent inspired by the wild cranberries that dot the Swedish forests, Atelier Vekkä takes you on a journey down memory lane to your smultronställe, the place where you feel happy and at peace.


The Smltronställe candle by Atelier Vekkä is 100% made in France and is the result of a handcrafted work of patience and quality: it was poured in a reusable jar made of porcelaine de Limoges, from a mix of plant-based waxes without GMO, optimizing burning and diffusion of the fragrance. It contains a lead-free cotton wick, high quality fragrances without controversial substances, and a beechwood lid coming from sustainable French forests.

  • Candle jar height: 8cm Ø: 7cm
  • Reusable jar made of porcelaine de Limoges

  • Lead-free braided cotton wick
  • Net weight: 5,99oz
  • Estimated burning time: approximately 45 hours
  • Wax: 100% plant-based. At Atelier Vekkä, we have chosen to work with a 100% plant-based wax, because it is a living material and it is eco-friendly. Therefore, and like any living material, plant-based wax can react to hot or cold temperatures. It does not necessarily have a uniform color and a totally smooth texture like other waxes, which can be easily textured and colored. So...don’t panic if your candle has marbled reflections, swells slightly if it's hot or shrinks a little if it's colder. This is a normal phenomenon and will not affect the quality of the burn nor the diffusion of the fragrance.

Poured by hand in the heart of the Marais Poitevin, following the strict process of artistic waxwork. 

Conseils d'utilisation
  • For your safety first:
    When your candle is lit, place it away from drafts, sunlight, curtains and out of reach of children and pets.
    A candle should never be moved while it is lit or while the wax is still melting.
    It is imperative that your candle be placed on a flat, non-precious, heat-safe surface.
    And because it can never be repeated enough...Never leave a candle burning unattended.
  • To ensure you a homogeneous burning and an optimal fragrance diffusion of your Atelier Vekkä candle, we recommend you, with each use, to leave your candle lit until the totality of wax became liquid on surface. This phenomenon, also called "swimming pool", makes it possible to have a uniform candle which does not dig, thus avoiding the formation of a well around the wick and a bad wax combustion.
  • When lighting your Atelier Vekkä candle, a slight smoke can appear while the wax impregnates the wick thanks to the heat of the flame. It is what will let the wax melts correctly and allow the perfume to diffuse perfectly.
  • Once the surface of your candle is completely melted, it is recommended not to let the melting extend beyond one centimeter of thickness: your candle will not diffuse more perfume, but the wax will burn faster.
  • When you extinguish your candle, don't forget to check that the wick remains centered and straight. If the wick is out of alignment, gently re-center it while the wax is still melting. A well centered wick will not only allow a homogeneous melting of the wax, but also avoid the overheating of the candle jar.
  • Be sure to systematically cut the wick of your Atelier Vekkä candle (to a length not exceeding 0.5cm) before lighting it. This will prevent black smoke and soot deposits on the edges of the candle jar, but also prevent the wick from falling into the wax. It is also recommended not to leave any wick or match debris in the wax: they may ignite and blacken the wax.
  • Finally, we advise you to store your candle in a dry place, at an ambient temperature ideally between 15 and 25°C.
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    Chaque gravure est réalisée à la commande dans un atelier parisien et est effectuée à l’intérieur du couvercle en bois de la bougie.

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    Who is behind your Atelier Vekkä candle?

    Our candles are made in France with love, by passionate craftsmen with a unique know-how that embodies the art of French beauty so dear to Atelier Vekkä.

    These talented and creative craftsmen were selected for their expertise and technicality after a long sourcing process. Each one of them has contributed, in their own way, to the Atelier Vekkä adventure.