Fragrance refill for diffuser N.12 - Gökotta
Fragrance refill for diffuser N.12 - Gökotta

Fragrance refill for diffuser N.12 - Gökotta

Discover the Gökotta universe in music:
200ml (6,8oz) Gökotta fragrance for reed diffuser refill.

The Gökotta by Atelier Vekkä home fragrance refill for reed diffuser works by capillary action: the porous ceramic branch absorbs the fragrance and release it by evaporation into the ambient air. This method allows a subtle and continuous diffusion of the fragrance inside your home, without energy consumption nor any combustion.

The fragrance is diluted in agricultural alcohol coming from the culture of wheat and beet from the western part of France

Diffusion time: about a 1,5 months depending on the conditions of use (temperature, humidity rate...). For an optimal diffusion of the fragrance, use the Atelier Vekkä products intended for this purpose.

Conseils d'utilisation
  • Pour the fragrance concentrate for reed diffuser into your Atelier Vekkä jar.
  • Add the pierced wooden lid on top. Soak your porous ceramic chestnut branch inside the jar. During the first use, we recommend to let the stem impregnate itself with perfumed concentrate during 5 to 6 hours then to drain it inside the container before turning it over to let the reed diffusion begin. This gesture can be repeated several times to restart the fragrance diffusion.

Over time and because it is composed of natural materials, it is possible that the color of the perfumed concentrate evolves slightly. Do not worry, this will not alter its olfactory properties nor its quality.

Our tip: because it is reusable, our perfuming branch does not need to be changed as often as your refill.
If you wish to change the scent of your diffuser or simply give a small blow of freshness to your branch, soak it during 24 hours in domestic alcohol (odorless) to bring it back to its original condition.